Clay Tiles

Terracotta tiles texture

Terracotta tiles texture are multicolor and multipatterned. In Pakistan many pattern of khaprail tiles available.

Terracotta tiles texture

Terracotta tiles texture

Natural Terracotta tiles have multiple texture as, Natural terracotta tile, natural khaprail terracotta tiles, terracotta jaali tiles, terracotta spanish tiles, teracotta natural look. terracotta tiles are traditional tiles. Terracotta tiles always look beautiful, Terracotta tiles have various patterns.

Seamless, PBR terracotta tile textures in high-resolution, ready for photorealistic rendering. Ideal for designs demanding a warm, earthy touch. Terracotta Floor Tiles texture, created by Ikarus67 in Filter Forge. Terracotta floor tiles with adjustable colors and grain.

Khaprail Gutka Jali

Natural clay industry!

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Khaprail tiles installation

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