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Khaprail, Clay roof tiles.

We manufacture pakistan no 1 khaprail tiles. We deal in all kinds of khaprail tiles, clay roof tiles. We have a wide range of clay tiles as roof clay tiles, floor clay tiles, Wall clay tiles, Clay jali tiles etc…

Pakistan’s no 1 clay tiles available here, we manufacture clay tiles in finest quality at reasonable rates.

Clay Jali, Khaprail, Floor Tiles and Gutka tiles available in all varieties, colors, qualities, sizes and textures etc.

Khaprail Gutka Jali
Khaprail Gutka Jali
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Khaprail, Clay roof tiles

Roof clay tiles are prepared by baking molded clay. The density of clay roofing tiles known by how long the tiles are heated at what temperature. Clay roof tiles can very in colours, Qaulities, Finishing etc.
Clay roof tiles available in following shades:
Yellow, orange, brown, white, radish etc.
In the market clay roof tiles available in Red, Terracotta and Natural color red and white shade.

Gutka, Wall clay tiles

Gutka tiles also named wall facing gutka or Wall clay tiles. The major two colors used for wall tiles. 1 Red color bricks 2 Yellow color Gutka.

Clay floor tiles

Floor clay  tiles also made from pure clay. Clay floor tiles available in different colors but most running color is Terracotta color. Clay floor tiles available in different designs as follow  Hexagon Tiles 6x6x1″, Octagon Tiles 8x8x1″, Picket & Square Tiles, Rectangular Tiles, Square Tile 12x12x1″, Square Tile 4×4″, Stair Tread Tiles, Star & Square Tiles

Clay Jali, Ventilation clay tiles

Clay jali is mostly used for transparent clay wall. Clay jali also known by the name of partition clay tile. Hollow clay blocks, clay jali uses in modern architecturer work because clay jali looks beautiful.

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